Eyelash Extensions

Innocent ...90

hey doe eyes! the only thing you'll be guilty of is breaking hearts.

why we adore it:

fresh & light, this look of 1 coat of mascara is oh-so-girl-next-door .. with a flirty little secret.

Born Lucky ...125... most requested!

lush & natural, just the way Mother Nature intended.

why you'll love it:

although we totally dig high drama lashes for the night, the office may call for something a little more subtle, like this staple-worthy look of 2 coats of mascara. boardroom to boardwalk -- it's all you'll ever need!

Pretty in Mink ...175

so many parties, so little time! this soft and sexy look keeps you runway-ready. paparazzi not included.

why we're smitten:

with all the demands of a busy social calendar, it's time to invest in a lash showstopper and this look definitely dresses the part. With a darker more enhanced lashline you might not only skip your mascara but your eyeliner too -- we'll toast to that!

Cosmopolitan ...195

you're fun and fearless and hailing a cab just got that much easier!

why it rocks:

with just about every lash receiving some extra special VLC {volume, length, & curl} this look is your go-to when seeking to flash seriously flirty weapons of mass seduction. if lashes were lingerie, this look would be the push-up bra -- va va volume!


The Quickie ...60

lash refill, recommended every 2 - 3 weeks. 20 lashes per eye

Material Girl ...75

lash refill, recommended every 2 - 3 weeks. 30 lashes per eye

Removal ...40

getting a new set, darling? removal is absolutely free!



not ready to commit? be a tease! browse our strip lash collection, select your fave strip lash, grab a seat at our bar & we'll give you a pro application -- no strings attached!

Tints 'n' Curls

MYNC Lash Tint ...25

make every lash count! our signature tint creates fabulously defined lashes from root to tip!

Anti-Gravity Lash Lift/Perm ...70 ...most requested!

it's goodbye eyelash curler, hello lash lift! this innovative treatment lifts lashes directly from the root up!

why it works:

unlike traditional lash perms that require lashes to be wrapped around a sponge rod {translation: short lashes need not apply}, this all new treatment uses soft silicone pads that lift lashes right from the root to brighten and lift your entire face.

Hello bright eyes!

Lash Lift/Perm & Lash Tint ...85

Gift Cards Available

stagettes, birthdays, graduations, new yummy mummy's, or 'cause that's just how you roll, we've got the perfect gift for the perfect girl {who now really does have it all}! MYNC gift cards never expire and each gift card is wrapped in a hot pink envelope and sealed with a kiss. xo

The Lash Club

MYNC hearts you! so we'll give you a shiny new club card and one stamp after each lash service of $60 or more.

get 10 services and the next one is a lash FREEBIE {a value of 60 bucks}! who loves ya, baby?

lash club card

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